Stallions and geldings

Hancock Silver Jo

Mojo is a silver dun! This boy is going to be my stallion, he is hetrozygous and dun. The possibilities are endless! I will up date more later.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Mojo AQHA 01-May-2019 Silver Bay

Ima Coco Amigo

Price: $2500

Boomer is going to be made of muscle! I have been working with him, he is a shy boy but loves attention.  Boomer is homozygous dun and I was planning on keeping him as my stallion prospect but other opportunities came about. I will not be in a hurry to see this boy go.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Boomer AQHA 09-June-2019 Bay Dun (Zebra Dun)


Price: $5000

Fynn is my main man, he has such a excellent disposition. My  boy never got to the show ring due to a shoulder injury but I am sure he would have been great. Fynn's sire Rio has earned $180,000 and is still showing. Fynn has been gelded and will continue to be my riding horse.  Rides out alone, crosses bridges and creeks and has done a bit of cowboy challenge stuff. I am not a super confident rider and he takes very good care of me. I just love this guy to bits.!
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Fynn AQHA 06/08/2014 Cremello