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Price: $2000

Eva was an unexpected surprise. This filly has an amazing pedigree, she has High Sign Nugget and Nitas Wood on her papers. This filly will be a cow horse deluxe. Eve is sorrel but she has frosting on her hip and white through out her mane. Flashy filly. Eva has a personality to die for and she is already showing huge stops and quick turnarounds.
Barn Name Breed Age Colour
Eva Appaloosa 23-April-2015 Sorrel



Page has given me her first colt. Dexter is a big stout boy. This colt is a bay snowcap with a handsome blaze, he is going to be a color producer if left a stud. I will be registering him with  the American club but he could also be registered with the Canadian one as well.This foal goes back to many great names like High Sign Nugget, Goer and the Executive. Deposit will hold him until he is weaned, around September.
Barn Name Breed Age Colour
Dexter Appaloosa 12-May-2015 Bay


Willow's foal is a gorgeous champagne colt. I will be color testing him but he could be a classic dun or amber dun. Felix is solid, not a stitch of white on him. He is an amazing boy, I am so excited to see him get his land legs. Just off the papers will be Greys Starlight, and Hollywood Jac 86.
Barn Name Breed Age Colour
Felix AQHA (Pending) 20-May-2015 Classic Champagne Dun



Mitsy foal a stunning red colt. Reese is friendly and correct in every way. The pedigree of this foal is amazing, there are endless possibilities for this one. Just off the papers is Freckles Playboy, Smart Little Lena, and Doc Bar.
Barn Name Breed Age Colour
Reese AQHA (Pending) 03-Jun-2015 Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)

Courtney’s foal

Courtney has out done herself again. On the ground is a very good looking filly. This filly has a sweet dished face intelligent eye and some catty moves. Along with her beautiful red roan colour she also looks like she is a rabicano.
Barn Name Breed Age Colour
AQHA (Pending) 27-May-2015 Red Roan

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