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Stallions and geldings


Fynn is my main man, he has such a excellent disposition. My  boy never got to the show ring due to a shoulder injury but I am sure he would have been great. Fynn's sire Rio has earned $180,000 and is still showing. I have a colt out of Fynn for sale at the moment and he is just like his papa. Fynn has been gelded and will continue to be my riding horse. I just love this guy to bits.!
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Fynn AQHA (Pending) 06/08/2014 Cremello

Colts for Sale

Ima Coco Amigo

Price: $1800

Boomer is a real nice prospect. I am going to see how he matures in the next year, he may very well end up being my new stud.  This boy is homozygous for the dun gene and should produce some well balanced babies. Boomer is halter broke and is a fairly calm little man.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Boomer AQHA 09-Jun-2019

Jacs a Little Peppy

Price: $2500

Meeno is up for sale. This guy has so many great horses in his pedigree, he is royally bred. Meeno has been handled regularly and I am working on the halter training right now,  he is smart a catches on to things quickly. Meeno has been wormed and vaccinated. I just had the farrier out and Meeno did great. This guy is really easy to be around, loves attention and follows you about. I have his papers in hand ready to transfer to his new partner.  Just off his papers are Freckles Playboy, Docs Hickory, and Smart Little Lena.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Meeno AQHA 28-Apr-2019 Palomino

Fillies for sale

Dreamy Kizz


Jade is the sweetest little filly.  Born early this spring right before the heavy snow fall.  Jade is a dainty girl with refined features, straight legs and smarts. Jade tested to be homozygous for the champagne gene. Not really wanting to part with this one, I raised her sire who has made his way to Ontario and is standing there. Jade has started her halter training and we will continue to educate her.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Jade AQHA 18-Apr-2020 Amber Champagne

Mares for Sale

RHR Gabreilles Dream

Price: $3500

Abby is a well rounded mare. she has had a lot of ground work done with her and has also just completed 30 days at the trainer and came home just before Christmas. Abby is a hetrozygous dun gold champagne mare. This spring Abby foaled a gorgeous filly for me, by a colt I previously owned and the 2 past on their grace.  Abby is easy to load, stands for the farrier, stands teid, was a excellent mother and has no soundness issues. This mare has a wonderful future ahead of her.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Abby AQHA 02-Jun-2015 Gold Champagne Dun



This is a fantastic broodmare. As far as I know this mare has only been used as a broodmare, she is approximately 12 years old. Ruby produces foals that have athletic abilities and sound minds. I have kept utd with all of her maintenance, I have not measured her but I would guess she stands at 14 hands. Ruby loads, ties, stands for the farrier ect. Selling as exposed to a red dun quarter horse, if she is bred the foal should arrive in may.
Barn Name Breed DOB Colour
Ruby AQHA March 21, 2004 Bay